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Welcome to Notes and Vectors!

My name is Angelo Arias.  I am currently an R&D scientist in the biotechnology sector, and a violinist with La Jolla Symphony.  I teach violin and tutor students in science and mathematics.

The problems and issues of our day call for solutions requiring knowledge as well as innovation. The modern scientist we train today will need a flexible mind to create the solutions of tomorrow. I believe the integration of the arts and science empower human beings to blend analytical thinking with creativity, to “think outside of the box.” My unique perspectives in the synergy of music and science are what inspire me to work with and educate young people.

My goal is to equip young people with skills they will need to be our future leaders in science.

Science is growing in leaps and bounds; it permeates every facet of our world.  Science’s ever-changing landscape challenges us to evolve with it. In ten years the knowledge base demanded from the scientific community will be exponentially larger.  The next generation scientist needs high attention to detail, solid communication skills, and continuous self-improvement in his or her toolbox of skills. A mind nimble enough to perform music and think analytically about a scientific experiment will be able to assess and solve problems in other applications.  I believe music can prepare students with the motivation, discipline, and voice necessary to succeed in science.

My goal is not to give the right answers; I encourage my students to take what they know and apply it to the problems before them. Good teachers have correct answers for their students; great teachers have ways of making their students arrive at the correct answers on their own.

It is unlikely that my working with your student will get him / her billing at Carnegie Hall or the Nobel Prize; but what I can offer are tools for a student to succeed in any arena, not just music or science.

Please contact me with any questions, and never stop learning!
Angelo Arias
Notes and Vectors
San Diego, CA