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IMG_1774 Ever since I was 13, I have been fascinated by hockey.  I always marveled at the speed of the game, the grace of ice skating, and the sheer physicality of the game.

I started out as a forward, but quickly found my true calling as a goaltender.  In 2005, I was lucky enough to join a college ice hockey team; a dream I’d had since I was a teenager.  I’ve taken pride in choosing arguably the most intellectual and mentally demanding position in all of sports. Putting on a jersey with the school’s name ranks as the top moment in my career (thus far!).

Learning this sport has been very similar to learning music, in that there are sets of skills upon which a player’s foundation can be built.  This is especially important for goaltenders. Practicing how you play applies just as much in sports as it does in musical instruments.

IMG_0242[1]I no longer play for a college team but I do play adult league over at UTC Ice for the San Diego Osprey.

Teams I’ve had the extreme privilege to play for:
ACHA UC Davis: Aggies
Oakland Ice O-50: AerosVacaville Ice Bronze: Vikings
Vacaville Ice Bronze: Sharks
Vacaville Ice Silver: Scouts
Oakland Ice Gold B: Brewers
Vacaville Ice Bronze: OITW
UTC Ice Bronze: Outlaws
UTC Ice Nickel: Jackalopes
UTC Ice Copper: Blackhawks
UTC Ice Bronze: Osprey

In 2007 I was “interviewed” by Eyecandyair, an airbrushing firm that painted Cam Ward’s mask (as well as mine!)

A quick video of me having some fun taking some shots from friends at an open session!